Boasting in the Lord

Jer. 9 23,24 (1)

The scripture we read this morning at early morning prayers (did I mention this begins at 5 a.m.?) was the last half of Jeremiah 9. In the midst of a chapter about gloom and doom we have verses 23-24. The Lord himself tells us “If you want something to boast about, let it be that you know and understands me!” It is amazing that this is even possible. The Creator of the universe desires me to know him – and that this is the epitome of accomplishment!

It is not any fruit of wisdom, the greatest book we could possibly write or document that would be admired and followed by all that impresses God. It is not anything we might accomplish through physical strength or political power that impresses him. Becoming one of the richest people in the world and buying glamorous homes around the world or a  gem collection that surpasses all that British royalty possess would only elicit a ho-hum from Him.

What really gets the Almighty’s attention is how much we know Him. Not just a a lot of facts about Him, but really know His nature, what He cares about, what He delights in, what His favorite things are. When we’ve regularly meditated on His overwhelming loving kindness, that is demonstrated so well in the Bible and so evident all around us. When we feel His deep concern and pain over the injustices done to the lowest of the world. When we know the Holy One’s ability to always do and be right. When we feel His urging us on to take up the righteousness of His Son. Then, the Lord says we have something worth boasting of.

Knowing God, really knowing him is the hope we have through the darkest circumstances. When we’ve fallen hard and suffer the consequences of our sin, the focus on God, who He is will change everything.