Spiritual Battle Plan: The Path To Victory

Battle plan cover 2

Spiritual Battle Plan: The Path To Victory

My seminar for men, Spiritual Battle Plan is designed to help men get in the battle against the sin in their lives and build their relationship with God for guidance, strength and protection. I’ve changed the seminar to six sessions:

1. The Enemy Camp, Join In The Fight

2. Jesus Is The Answer!

3. A Band Of Brothers

4. Knowing God

For further information see my facebook page Spiritual Battle Plan with Kent Dickerson or email me at jadewatch@yahoo.com

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  1. Someone once said, “rules without relationship equals rebellion.” I think this is especially true not only for new disciple of Christ, but people who have been Christians for years. We can have a lot of knowledge of scripture and seek to overcome sin by doing what the Bible says, but without first having a relationship with the Father everything else is really useless. Kent’s Spiritual Battle Plan provides you with the tools you need to redirect your life, grow closer to the Father, and really begin living a transformed life.


  2. Kent,

    It was a pleasure working with you to put on the Battle Plan conference at our church! I think the men received a lot of “meat” from your teaching and I know they drew inspiration from your life story. I pray God will continue to grow your ministry and bless you along the way!

    Your brother in Christ,



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