Desperately needing God’s help

Out-of-the-Pit2I’ve been back in full time ministry for 6 years: studying, writing, putting together the seminars and taking them every where I can give them. I preach at other times wherever I can. I leave any amount paid up to the church or chapel. My wife and I also go on mission trips and volunteer with Voice of the Martys to get the Word to places it is unavailable.  In these years, the support has been less than the expenses. Lately, I have flown space available on military cargo planes and slept in the rental car. We try to live modestly, driving a 16 and a 20 year old car.

We find ourselves deep in a pit of debt and cannot get out. Due to a misunderstanding (mine) we are currently in urgent need.

We now realize we should have spent no money that the Lord did not provide. Please, please pray that he will rescue us now, though we do not deserve it. And pray he will provide everything needed for the trip to the States next month to give the seminar. I am determined not to add a single dollar to our debt. If you would like to help, you can send money through or Paypal to or better yet, contact me there direct and help me avoid their fees.

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