The Greatest New Year’s Resolution

think-about-God-tozerAt this time of year, most of us at least, consider resolving to make this year better by focusing on or adding goals for the year. Exercising, losing weight or improving our diets are probably the most common goals.

Some of us choose to focus on professional goals. I started working on mine.

1. Publish my first book, “Remade! A preacher finally finds victory over pornography and complaint”, in both print and e-book.

2. Produce a promotional video for each of my seminars.

3. Produce worship videos, mixed with testimony.

4. Give at least 20 seminars this year.

5. Find a corporate sponsor(s) to support the ministry to the military.

As I reflected on these goals I thought “I’m really going to have to stay focused to accomplish all of this”. These are all worthy goals, in fact I consider them work God has purposed me to do. And I’ve been working very hard on the first one all month.

But it suddenly dawned on me that I was forgetting the most important goal for this year or any year – Know God better. I was allowing the urgent to push out the most important. I’ve come to see in recent years that nothing is more important, nothing will affect our lives more towards greatness than knowing God better.

Next time, I’ll lay out the first of my plan to really focus on knowing more about God.

2 thoughts on “The Greatest New Year’s Resolution

  1. My resolutions were to know God as Mr. Bae’s grandfather did, daily worship all year in the Whole Life Offering plan, search the scriptures on each of the 18 dimensions of the Kingdom of Heaven, memorize large portions of the bible, learn to read and write Hangul/speak Hanguk-eo, read through the bible using Professor Horner’s plan, read all of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s books, read all of the Voice of the Martyr books currently on our shelves, and read all of the North Korean books on lists currently on our shelves…and, except for knowing God as Mr. Bae’s grandfather did, all of these seem within reach. The other is for God to reveal Himself to me in His own way and in His own time.


  2. Glenn Penner said, “It [prayer] is an acknowledgement that no matter what we do, if God is not in it, our labour is no longer a response to His grace but a manifestation of our attempt to do His work by our own strength.”


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